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    ‘this pair takes to challenges like ducks take to water’

    "VINTAGES creative theme 'Those Cosmopolitan Canucks' follows ten Canadian men and women who are making wine outside our country...

    "I won’t re-tell the stories of all ten. Pick up a VINTAGES catalogue for the June 24th release to get the details. But I do want to point out from a critic’s perspective that this crew is also at the forefront of wine quality in Canada. Winemakers Peter Gamble, Ann Sperling, Moray Tawse, Thomas Bachelder and Tony Stewart in particular are behind some of Canada’s best wines... And all remain rooted in Canada."

    Read more from David Lawrason for Wine Align as he goes on to focus on our very own Ann and Peter, "a Niagara-based couple who have had a huge impact on Canadian wine from coast to coast."


    Wine power couple in Vintages circular

    Well, that's quite a headline, isn't it? We're quoting from the June 24th Vintages catalogue that calls Ann Sperling and Peter Gamble "Canada's winemaking 'power couple'." This is from a feature titled "The Cosmopolitan Canucks" that focuses on "10 talented Canadians who've gone international in their quest to share their passion with the world."

    Ann and Peter's two-page spread includes the 2012 Versado Reserva Malbec, along with wines of Southbrook Vineyards and Benjamin Bridge. 



    Putting a cork in it! 

    While Ann and Peter are in Mendoza for the 2017 harvest, it's also time to get the 2015 Old Vine into bottles.




    Happy Malbec World Day! 

    Malbec has been called Argentina's ambassador to the world, and it is celebrated world-wide every April 17th. Ann and Peter in Argentina join in the celebration, toasting Versado customers in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and France! 



    These photos shows how we manage weeds prior to harvest. The main goal is to knock down weeds so they don't seed, and to make is easier for pickers to access the grapes, and to walk the rows to carry out boxes. However, after harvest we want grass to grow again to provide pasture for our horse, Angelito, to stabilize the soil against erosion and to provide green manure to replenish lost organic matter.










    This tool knocks the weeds down, cuts off any tall weeds and slices through the root masses and thatch, without uprooting the cover crop. In a few days or weeks, established roots will push up new shoots and revive the cover.