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    Our Vineyard

    There are three great geographical features that define our vineyard site - or 'Location, location, location'

    One - The River

    A nearby cliff at the edge of the Rio Mendoza that shows soil and sub-soil composition similar to our vineyard's, to a ten metre depth. Our vineyard is located over the ancient bed of the Mendoza River, and is comprised of a single metre of fine textured, silty, sandy, limestone-rich loam laying over many metres of intensely boulder-packed sub-strata. This unique soil structure provides the combined benefit of ample minerals, along with excellent drainage.

    Only a very narrow strip of land - less than a kilometer in width - exists in the two tiny sub-appellations of Los Compuertas (immediately bordering the north edge of the current river bed), and the north end of Perdriel (below the south shoreline) that share this same prized sub-structure. It is a meager soil offering mineral nutrients while allowing roots to go deep in search of water – a terroir winemakers seek the world over.

    Two - The Road

    Further defining Versado’s great vineyard site is its location on legendary Calle Cobos (Cobos Road). Running parallel to the mountain range, the immediate proximity to the base of the high Andean foothills ensures cooler air from snow-covered peaks. The road’s fame goes back to the 1800’s when established vines planted along this route were recognized as superior, due to the balance and delicacy in the wines. Vineyards here were among the highest elevations of the classic Mendoza vineyard plantings, establishing the importance of elevation for fine winemaking. Further on, the beautifully moderated temperatures vanish as the chilling breezes pass over vineyards and fields absorbing heat on their slow, steady eastward fall towards the plains.

    Three - The Air

    Moving from meso-climate to micro-climate, Versado’s vineyard site also happens to fall within Mendoza’s dominant cool air corridor - the river bed of the massive, ancient Rio Mendoza. This river, that carries huge amounts of water out of the mountains, also channels particularly cold glacial air from a section of the Andes encompassing Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas. This cool air flow is funneled down a narrow corridor, descending past an elite collection of prized vineyards in the sub-appellations of Los Compuertas and the north end of Perdriel. The effect is a significantly cooler strip of land, with increased thermal amplitude (day/night temperature ranges) and a resultant drop in the pH of the wines produced here, that distinguishes them even from the other great wines of the cherished ‘Primera Zona’ - the classic region for the production of Mendoza’s finest wines.


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