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The Vineyard Team

The vineyard is where it starts. The grapes express this place. 

We focus on traditional methods that enable us to farm with low inputs. These methods embrace local customs such as tying the vines with reeds, using furrow irrigation, and the fundamental practice of maintaining soil fertility with manure and compost. The dedication, sensitivity and skill of our vineyard team are all critical to our success. 

Sergio Rinaldi

As Vineyard Manager, Sergio Rinaldi directs all the daily activity that ensures the highest quality grapes for Versado.

Following a degree in Agricultural Engineering from U.N.C. University of Agricultural Sciences, Sergio went on to earn a double Masters degrees in Viticulture and Enology, and in Management of Agricultural Business. This comprehensive education is backed up by international work experience that includes both winemaking and vineyard management. Sergio was lead viticultural consultant with David English & Associates, in addition to operating his own viticultural consulting business, managing many acreages of vines for fine wine production, when he was tapped by Ann and Peter to join the Versado project. They have been extremely impressed with Sergio’s intuitive sense of how to encourage the vines to best express their illustrious terroir.  

Roberto and Zulema Escobar

Our encargado, Roberto Escobar, with his wife Zulema and daughter Aidee, care for the vines every day and live on the vineyard property. Roberto is responsible for very important tasks that require great care and attention to detail. Meticulous viticultural operations, such as vine pruning, thinning and leaf removal make up a large part of his activity. And the all-important layering of mother vines to bring new, replacement vines into fruition requires careful attention. Of significant importance, too, is the extensive and time-consuming management of the vineyard's irrigation furrows, ensuring that precisely the right amounts of Andean glacial water are channeled to the vines at precisely the right times. The culmination of each vintage finds Roberto diligently overseeing the harvest teams.  


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